A new maintenance release with bug fixes and additional features.


  • Change dir to process.dir to find processes in subdirs
  • If all files found in offline dir, continue workflow with no download
  • Remove extra log files for bank dependencies (computed banks)
  • Fix computed bank update when sub banks are not updated
  • Fix #15 when remote reverts to a previous release
  • Feature #16: get possibility not to download files (for computed banks for example). Set protocol=’none’ in bank properties.
  • Fix on –check with some protocols
  • Fix #21 release.file not supported for directhttp protocol
  • Feature #22: add localrelease and remoterelease bank properties to use the remote release as an expression in other properties => remote.dir = xx/yy/%(remoterelease)s/zz
  • Feature #17,#20: detect remote modifications even if release is the same new parameter release.control (true, false) to force a check even if remote release (file controlled or date) is the same.
  • Fix on ‘multi’ protocol
  • Fix on “save_as” regexp when remote.files starts with a ^ character.


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